Invite family and friends to join a game where you race to outfox your opponents and being quick and witty count more than spelling correctly. Using randomly drawn letters, you'll compose answers to goofy questions. You don't need to sweat about spelling or grammar, they hardly matter. Because whether if it's misspelled or entirely made up, if you can convince the judge that your answer is a gem rather than a "Stinker", you'll be one step closer to the sweet smell of victory! Here are a few examples of prompts (game comes with 200 prompt cards) you will need to answer, using 23 randomly chosen letter tiles and 2 wild tiles, when playing Stinker: What do humans think most about? Something not to do in a gym? How to wake up Sleeping Beauty? A rejected Olympic sport? 

If you enjoy word games, like to debate and love to laugh with other people, then Stinker is the game for you.
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