Dungeons & Dragons Clue

  • Take your Clue from Dungeons & Dragons!
  • Play as Regdar the Fighter, Lidda the Rogue, Tordek the Dwarf, and others.
  • Six weapon tokens include the Vorpal Sword, Dagger of Venom, and more.
  • The classic mystery game features 9 D&D-themed rooms!

With 9 locations from the Dungeons & Dragons game, Dungeons & Dragons Clue is a magnificent edition of the classic mystery game! Those 9 places include the Treasure Chamber, Dragon Lair, Wizard's Tower, Chamber of Tricks and Traps, Dungeon, The Grand Hall, Library of Arcane Tomes, Magical Armory, and Lost Crypt. Dungeons & Dragons Clue features 6 suspects, ranging from Regdar the Fighter to Lidda the Rogue, Tordek the Dwarf, Ember the Monk, and more. Also included are the Vorpal Sword, Dagger of Venom, Ring of Magic Missiles, Staff of Power, Flaming Battle Axe, and Mace of Disruption weapons. Do you dig D&D? Then you'll dig this game!

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